Player Registration Fee Information

2018 LMBA Player Registration Fees

Rally Cap (2011-2013)


Rookie (2009, 2010)


Mosquito (2007, 2008)

Community: $215.00

Competitive AA: $305.00

Pee Wee (2005, 2006)

Community: $220.00

Competitive AA: $310.00

Bantam (2003, 2004)

Community: $230.00

Competitive AA: $320.00

Midget (2000,2001, 2002)

Community: $235.00

Competitive AA: $325.00


Questions about Competitive vs. Community teams and leagues?

Please see the information in the appropriate division (Mosquito, Pee Wee, Bantam & Midget) that explains the difference between the Competitive and Community teams / leagues.  The Rally Cap and Rookie divisions play in a house league with no travel outside of Lacombe.

Notice About Additional Fees:

Community teams that go to provincials will be charged an additional $50.00 per player to cover the cost of extra practice diamonds, etc.

If you are trying out for any of our Competitive teams, there will be additional costs involved with playing at this level. These additional costs are for team apparel, umpire fees, tournament fees, etc. There will be cash calls that will happen in mid April and can range from around $100 to approximately $350 per player. This amount will depend on what apparel is needed, the number of tournaments your team will be attending etc, as well as, how much fund raising your team is prepared to do.

It is important for our competitive teams to dress the same, and dress nicely to help in representing Lacombe Minor Baseball properly, as they attend tournaments and games throughout our province.

In some cases, at the end of the season, there have been funds left over to give back to the parents depending on how well the fund raising has gone over the season. There have also been cases where teams have hosted provincials, and they have had sponsorships given to them. In some cases these teams have decided to give some of their left over funds back to the association to help build our programs. This will be a team decision. Getting money back at the end of the season is not the norm, and should not be an expectation.


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