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Jason Bessette Mosquito Director


Welcome to the Lacombe Minor Baseball Association (LMBA) Mosquito homepage.  The LMBA has a strong history off providing baseball opportunities for athletes, coaches, umpires and parents, and looks forward to another successful season.

I would like to thank everyone who came out to the evaluations and have chosen Lacombe Minor Baseball as their association to play with this year. We have four Community A league teams this year and we also have a Double A team.  Each community team has been numbered 1 to 4.



Season start date: Week of May 7th

Final League game: June 19th

Play-off Weekend: June 23/24th

Player Clinics: May 12th or 13th 

Home Tournament: June 1,2,3 2018


Players born in 2007 & 2008




 2018 Community Schedule

CABL Mosquito East Division Teams: Ponoka Thunder, Lacombe Dodgers 1, Lacombe Dodgers 2, Lacombe Dodgers 3, Lacombe Dodgers 4, Bashaw Bandits, Ermineskin Rec Hawks, Louis Bull Rec Hawks, Clive Red Sox, Samson Hawks      
Date Game # Start Visitor Home Venue 
2018-07-05 1 6:30 PM Louis Bull Lacombe #1 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
2018-07-05 2 6:30 PM Ermineskin Lacombe #2 Michener Park - Diamond #12 Home
2018-07-05 4 6:30 PM Lacombe #4 Bashaw Bandits Bashaw Diamond Away
2018-09-05 6 6:30 PM Ponoka Thunder Lacombe #3 Michener Park - Diamond #12 Home
2018-09-05 7 6:30 PM Samson Hawks Lacombe #4 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
2018-09-05 9 6:30 PM Lacombe #1 Clive Red Sox Tees Diamond Away
05/14/2018 11 6:30 PM Lacombe #3 Lacombe #1 Michener Park - Diamond #12 Home
05/14/2018 12 6:30 PM Lacombe #4 Lacombe #2 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
05/16/2018 16 6:30 PM Lacombe #2 Lacombe #3 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
05/16/2018 17 6:30 PM Lacombe #1 Lacombe #4 Michener Park - Diamond #12 Home
05/21/2018 21 6:30 PM Bashaw Bandits Lacombe #1 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
05/21/2018 22 6:30 PM Ponoka Thunder Lacombe #2 Michener Park - Diamond #12 Home
05/23/2018 25 6:30 PM Bashaw Bandits Lacombe #3 Michener Park - Diamond #12 Home
05/23/2018 26 6:30 PM Clive Red Sox Lacombe #4 Michener Park - Diamond #16 
05/24/2018 27 6:30 PM Lacombe #1 Ermineskin Howard Buffalo Memorial Centre Away
05/25/2018 28 6:30 PM Lacombe #3 Louis Bull Howard Buffalo Memorial Centre Away
05/28/2018 30 6:30 PM Lacombe #2 Lacombe  #1 Michener Park - Diamond #12 
05/28/2018 31 6:30 PM Lacombe #4 Lacombe #3 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
05/31/2018 34 6:30 PM Lacombe #1 Ponoka Thunder Riverside Diamond #1 Away
2018-04-06 35 6:30 PM Lacombe #2 Samson Hawks Howard Buffalo Memorial Centre Away
2018-04-06 36 6:30 PM Clive Red Sox Lacombe #3 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
2018-06-06 38 6:30 PM Ermineskin Lacombe #4 Michener Park - Diamond #12 Home
2018-06-06 40 6:30 PM Samson Hawks Lacombe #1 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
2018-08-06 41 6:30 PM Lacombe #4 Louis Bull Howard Buffalo Memorial Centre Away
2018-11-06 42 6:30 PM Bashaw Bandits Lacombe #2 Michener Park - Diamond #12 Home
2018-12-06 43 6:30 PM Lacombe #4 Ponoka Thunder Riverside Diamond #1 Away
06/13/2018 44 6:30 PM Clive Red Sox Lacombe #2 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
06/14/2018 45 6:30 PM Lacombe #3 Ermineskin Howard Buffalo Memorial Centre Away
06/18/2018 47 6:30 PM Samson Hawks Lacombe #4 Michener Park - Diamond #16 Home
06/18/2018 48 6:30 PM Lacombe #3 Bashaw Bandits Bashaw Diamond Away
06/11/2018 49 6:30 PM Lacombe #1 Clive Red Sox Tees Diamond Away
06/19/2018 50 6:30 PM Lacombe #2 Ponoka Thunder Riverside Diamond #1 Away

 Community A Team

Community teams are usually determined around the middle to end of April.  If there are enough players registered for more then 1 team to be formed, there will be skill evaluation dates set-up in the middle of April to divide the players up and create equal teams.

Community teams play in the Central Alberta Baseball League (CABL).  Historically, teams practice / play games during the week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Away games may be any other day of the week. At the Community level there are no league games scheduled on weekends, however, some teams do choose to enter tournaments. 

Depending on weather and indoor facility availability the season usually consists of 2 practices per week around the middle to end of April.  The first few weeks in May usually consist of 1 game and 1 practice with a transition to having 2 games per week from the middle of May to the end of June.  Aside from the 2 games per week for most of the season, teams may decide to practice an additional day per week, but this is determined by each team and diamond availability.

Quick note on what gear to have. The Association supplies the jersey, some bats and the back catchers gear. The child should have an athletic cup, rubber cleats, batting helmet, proper mosquito level glove, water bottle and grey pants with proper color belt. Each team head coach will decide if the pants will be the long style or the short style. The belt should be the royal blue color to properly match. If your child has their own bats and would like to use them, by all means bring them.

Home games and practices take place at Michener Park diamonds #12 and #16 which are located on the west end of Lacombe, just off of Highway 12 across from the golf course and back beside the soccer fields.

For more information about the Community A CABL, please visit the following link located on the Baseball Alberta website: 


A BIG thank you goes out to the companies who have sponsored our 4 community teams and our AA team.


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